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Tales for Mettare (Winter in Arnor) 18/24?, by Kaylee Arafinwiel

B2MeM Challenge: Winter Wonderland – G57
Format: Drabble – triple drabble and a half
Genre: family
Rating: Gen
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Aragorn, OCs
Pairings: n/a
Creators' Notes (optional): Takes place during "Winter in Arnor", during Aragorn's first winter with the Dúnedain.
Summary: Master Rumil's tale nears its conclusion...

“Who was there?” the children chorused. Niben bounced on his heels. “Who was it?” he begged Master Rúmil. The Man laughed. “Well, let me get on with telling you, little ones! So, Melyanna ran to the door, and called out, “Who is there?”

“A traveller in need of shelter,” came the answer. So, good Melyanna opened the door, and a handsome young man entered. He was dressed in hunting leathers, but had a warm winter cloak wrapped around his shoulders, and a silver circlet crowned his brow. On his sledge was a deer carcass, dressed and readied for the stew pot. He offered the wood-cutter the meat in exchange for sheltering him, and was readily accepted.

The young man looked at Melyanna, and was struck by her beauty. She was taken with the kindness of his smile, and asked his name. “My name is Eärendur,” he replied. “I have been hunting with my men, but we were separated by the sudden storm last night. What is your name, mistress?”

“M-Melyanna, my lord,” Melyanna managed to stammer out. “You are Prince Eärendur!”

“Well…yes,” Eärendur replied, his cheeks flushed with more than cold. “I heard shouting as I came to the door,” he said, to distract Melyanna from the fact of his identity.

“My auntie wished me to be wedded to a rich man, and she chose Lord Frost,” Melyanna replied. When Prince Eärendur raised an eyebrow, and asked for the rest of the story, she told it to him as I have told it to you – though probably better. For you know, it was her story, and I am an old Man,” Master Rúmil added.

“When she had told him all her story, to the dismay of her poor father and anger of her wicked aunt, Prince Eärendur spoke. “I have been asked to find a wife, too,and I promised my dear mother I would never wed until I found a wife as kind and good as she was. Will you come with me, Melyanna, and be my Princess? Surely your aunt cannot complain of the life I can give you.”
Tags: card:winter wonderland, character:aragorn, character:oc, format:drabble, genre:family, memories, number:g57
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